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Boosting your Search Campaigns

SEO could mean the difference of getting traffic to your website or not. A lot of people thing that it is rocket science and you have to be an IT guy to understand the concepts.  Most SEO concepts are basic in nature and any person who knows how to use a computer can do it. Think of the many bloggers who have good ranking in search engines. Most of the SEO is done on an individual basis and this means that you can also do it.

Creating Social profiles

This is the easiest way of improving your SEO marketing campaign. There are those people who you wouldn’t find on search engines but you will definitely get then on social media. You can create Facebook page or Twitter handle where you can engage with your followers. The social profiles can also be linked with your website in such a way that one is able to like you on Facebook or follow you on Twitter just from your website. Social media may not be one of the best ways in improving SEO but is usually worth the effort.

social icons

Offline Networking

People often assume that if you have an online business, there is no reason to go out and convince others. Getting people to know about your online business through the word of mouth can also prove to be effective. In order to do so, you need to be aware of the blog seminars in your area. Get to talk to people and tell them what you do online. Ask about their brand. This will surely improve your SEO efforts.

Business Communication Duplicate model

Business Communication Duplicate model

Google Place Listing

When someone searches for your business using the Google place listings, the result should be accurate. This is what effective keyword research does. Even if someone is looking for a product in a given locality, your website should be in the front page.

google places

Domain name

The domain name that you choose will also have a bearing on the search results. SEO results can be improved if there is an exact-search domain. If someone is searching for plastic shoes in the UK, what it means is that the person is actually searching for your domain name.


To sum it up, whether you are a beginner in the SEO field, or the best London SEO agency, you need to keep it simple. One way of doing so is by making sure that your website is search engine accessible. This you can do by using Meta tags and keyword research. A good practice is also to ensure than there are about 100 links in a page.