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The Owner of the World’s Largest Casino

The Owner of the World's Largest Casino

The Owner of the World’s Largest Casino – Casino business, both land casinos and online casinos, which has now mushroomed, especially in malaysia countries that legalize gambling are mushrooming. This kind of gambling business has changed the fate of bookies into billionaires with enormous wealth

Well, talking about the casino business which is identical to the variety of games (name the most favorite is online slots), who is the owner of the biggest online casino malaysia? today’s world? You will soon know the answer.

Sourced from Forbes, there are at least 25 names of casino owners with wealth at least one billion United States dollars. But the name Stanley Ho remains the one first as the owner of the highest wealth only from the casino business ever pioneered. Stanley Ho’s wealth from the casino business reaches 219 trillion. Of course this is very reasonable because Stanley Ho is claimed to be the largest owner in Indonesia

Stanley Ho, The King of Casino

The late Stanley Ho was a tycoon who was born in Hong Kong and has pioneered casino business since he was still in difficult conditions. Before becoming the owner of a the grandest and largest casino network in the world, he has an unforgettable life story easy and even arguably very difficult.

However, said his hard work, Stanley Ho then slowly became a very successful businessman, including his success asa largest casino owner in the world.

A year ago, Stanley Ho had succeeded in establishing a monopoly on the casino business
located in Macau City. This opportunity exists when the local government makes policy The new form is the opening of permits for foreign investors to be able to invest in Macau. Stanley Ho then invested in casinos in Macau. just information, almost 80% of Macau’s revenue comes from the gambling business which is very
crowded there.

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